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Saturday, September 11, 2010

It is the payback time to salvage economy and save Pakistan....

The time has come when everyone, and not the masses alone, will have to come forward to save Pakistan and to save it, its economy will have to be strengthened. It is payback time for those who  have been looting and plundering this country for the last 63 years.  Is there someone who will pay attention to what the prophets of doom are saying and advocating?  Unfortunately, the things have come to this pass that they are discussing Pakistan's break up as an option to manage and develop it effectively. The line of argument of these fragmentation pundits is simple. Pakistan, by design, was made a failed state and currently it stands at number ten of failed states’ ranking in spite of the fact that its leaders are trying their best to promote it further to first position. Pakistan in its present shape does not suit the world [read: current super power and ambitious-to-be-a-super-power]. The world is being made to believe that Pakistan now finds itself on a rapid descent toward certain collapse and the country's leaders stubbornly refuse to do the things required to change course. But, they assert, before allowing Pakistan to commit state suicide, self-disintegrate and further destabilize the region, the international community can beat them to the punch and deconstruct the country less violently.

Weather or not they will be able to deconstruct Pakistan as per their sinister designs; the measures taken by certain powers have started making sense. The first is to bleed Pakistan economically so that it is rendered unable to safeguard its national interests. For this purpose, certain developments are quite meaningful; making Pakistan totally unsafe for foreign investment through domestic terrorism. It will be interesting to know that TTP is far richer than Pakistan’s government in terms of foreign exchange reserves built by it through foreign funding.  The source of this funding is no secret and every one knows who wants to destabilize Pakistan. The target of its terrorism is not the USA or Western forces, the target is Pakistan’s security apparatus and innocent citizens. This militant organization was hot-favorite with USA till sometimes back.

Second, Pakistan’s economic management has been crippled by creating a negative perception  about it and installing a set-up with already a tarnished image which is getting worst-possible negative publicity further discouraging the investment. Pakistan is being encouraged to seek foreign loans of an unsustainable proportion so that its economy collapses and it walks into a debt trap. The systematic maligning of its security apparatus and accusing it of having nexus with militant organizations, which are in fact attacking it every other day, is a step in that direction. Pakistan has failed to convince the world that it is in fact RAW and CIA who have nexus with anti-Pakistan terrorists. It is being argued that it is not possible to manage and develop Pakistan in its present shape.

And imagine how they wish to put their plans in action. According to The Huffington Post, the most popular approach to fragmentation is to break off and allow Afghanistan to absorb Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), which would unite the Pashtun tribes. In addition, the provinces of Balochistan and Sindh would become independent sovereign states, leaving Punjab as a standalone entity. Balkanization is based on the premise that the weak central government in Islamabad is incapable of governing Pakistan's frontiers, which have become the number one source of regional instability. The governing Punjabi elite have neglected the other three major ethnic groups - the Sindhis, Pashtuns, and Baluchis, primarily because a majority of Pakistan's budget is spent on the military rather than economic development, schooling or infrastructure. Only 2% of Pakistan's GDP, for example, is spent on education despite the fact Pakistan's literacy rate stands at 57%.

In order to prove its point, the paper chose not to mention that Pakistan is constantly facing serious threats both from East, West and from within. The country’s political leaders are already advocating that literacy is irrelevant to administering the statecraft. In these circumstances, it is but logical to give priority to defense over education.

The content of the article may sound non-sense in the given circumstance but it gives some sense of how certain people are thinking about Pakistan’s future. The contents of the article, therefore, should not be taken lightly. The first and foremost thing to do is to strengthen the economy and rich asked now to cough up the loot and plunder and political elite convinced that it is a payback time.


  1. they will take as much loan from the outside world as they can. Spend a small percentage on the disaster management and the rest will go to secret bank accounts. They know when to quit the country and leave us to the dogs.

  2. Surely,,,,,,,,,it is pay back for the one's who have earned till date and amassed wealth in foreign banks..........Pakistan is here to stay and shall stay........INSHALLAH.........ARM