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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

They can compromise on principles but not on style....

An English language newspaper has published a story on the paradoxes in the lives of public representative. A video posted on the website of Express Tribune shows how the trendy dressings of public representatives, both male or female, from opposition or treasury, belie their title of public representative. They will compromise on principles but not on style. It seems so vulgar that in a province where people kill themselves and members of their families due to their helplessness and failure to provide two square meals, these men and women demonstrate their filthy richness. The glamour of Bollywood is nothing compared to glamour of Assemblywood. They live far away from the lives of those who they claim to represent. And this is no less than vulgarity…..


  1. And these women who have to spend at least 50000 rupees for a single daily session are exempt from paying taxes. This country is doomed to fail. We are all responsible. It is we who bring them in with our votes.

  2. They are not to blame. They did not ask for our vote and we did not vote them in. These ladies are here through "Backdoor" which is reserved seats. They don't have to contest. They simply get nominated. I wonder what is the criteria to nominate them, their capacity to spend on style...?

  3. My god..complete mockery of poor ppl who elect thm..