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Friday, June 4, 2010

Every Pakistani infant will carry a cell phone. Read here...

Yes, this is no joke. The researchers have estimated that in next four years, Pakistan will have 132 million mobile phones. This is amazing. Very soon every one of 160 million souls, including newly born babies, will have at least one mobile phone in his hands.
And mind you, this is a very pessimistic situation because subscribers’ growth is slowing down in Pakistan’s wireless market. Imagine, if the growth was on track, every one, including infants would have more than one phone. Let’s say 1.5 mobile phone per capita. This is how statisticians express numbers. Presently, Pakistan has 98 million mobile subscribers and the grim economic situation will be able to add only 34 million in next four years. This is in spite of the fact that GDP growth has nosed down and inflation rules everywhere.
For more information, consult Research and Market.


  1. I have monthly income of 100,000. My wife and two daughters don't work. My son is unemployed. We have per capita income of Rs 20,000 per month. This is how statisticians express their numbers. This is misleading. Infants can not carry cell phones because an individual on the average has two to three different SIMs.

  2. Interesting description of economists work.

  3. LOL..is this a joke..my god!! their absic needs has to be fulfilled..cell phone will not fill their tummies and pay their bills..i saw this statistic report tht Roti is expensive and SMS is cheap in Pak.is it true?

  4. Please rephrase the title of this post:

    Now every Pakistani will be born with a cell phone in his hands.

  5. As a matter of fact one roti is worth 4 minutes telephone call to USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong (both mobile and landline) and UK landline. Somebody advised me on the other blog (wordpress) that we should be thankful to our stars that these babies will not be born with Kalashnikov in their hands. God ji tusi great ho!!

  6. Please follow the following link:

  7. Pakistan has unprecedented growth in the Telecom Sector, It offers cheapest telephony solution in the world. It is a huge achievement. It is better than USA, Canada, and even Europe. In those countries consumer is gipped. However ARPU for mobile companies is not very healthy but they are surviving, One thing which is very stupid among all co's in Pakistan is their ridiculous media campaigns. I wish they can learn something from AIRTEL or some other international players. Subscriber base is almost full it will not grow significantly. Some variance in each market exist, so as in this market.

    Tariq Niazi

  8. Do you mean to say that market has lost its capacity for further growth? what could be the possible reasons? Falling GDP or excessive market penetration of simple tele density?