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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ladies, wanna look young? Pay tax.

Bad news for those ladies who do not want to look old. There is a state tax on anti-aging cosmetics which has upset dermatologists all over USA. All cosmetics procedures and anti-aging gels will henceforth be dearer (in economic sense) in the USA. For details, please follow this link:http://www.skinandaging.com/article/4851
Still wondering why this idea has not struck Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue which is always on the look out for opportunities to generate more cash. May be “home governments” of revenue guys are stronger than the Government or IMF. Comment.


  1. oh go i am DOOOMED..where do they get these ideas.of all the things in the world.they cut on this..wow.thnx for posting

  2. The tax was not on cosmetics, but on cosmetic surgery or procedures performed by a plastic surgeon for cosmetic purposes. And it did not end up being part of the Health Care Bill, I believe, though a tanning tax did (something that I think would not earn much revenue if adopted by the Gov of Pakistan!)


  3. thnx for saving my life nancy

  4. I have no idea how it is going to affect ladies in Pakistan but I agree with Nancy that the tax is on cosmetic procedure like face-lifting etc. Tax on cosmetics can earn huge revenues.